About Us

Shri Balaji Group has been a technology leader in the manufacturing of refractories since 1997; We are the largest manufacturers of Tundish Boards and Ramming Mass in INDIA. Our product range covers all refractories and consumables used in coreless induction furnaces, ladles, and tundishes.

With over two decades of manufacturing and trading experience, we can provide unparalleled products and services.


SHRI BALAJI CERAMIC PRODUCTS has the world's largest and most sophisticated manufacturing facility for TUNDISH BOARDS, with annual production volumes exceeding 700,000 sets. We are the technology leaders in the tundish refractories, achieving casting durations of over 40 hours in a single tundish. The products manufactured at SBCP include TUNDISH BOARDS (TUNBORD), CASTING POWDER (FLOWCAST), NOZZLE FILLING COMPOUND (OPTEL), INSULATING POWDERS (INSUTAL), ACTIVE FLUXES (REMIX, METROCK), REFRACTORY CASTABLES (BAL-CAST), and SPECIALISED FOUNDRY CONSUMABLES.


SHRI BALAJI IMPEX has fully automated manufacturing plants with a capacity to manufacture 180,000 MT RAMMING MASS per annum. We have access to premium-grade quartzite from our captive mines, ensuring the manufacture of the highest quality RAMMING MASS. Our state-of-the-art quality control laboratories test all raw materials and finished products before dispatch to ensure the highest quality product is sent to our customers. 

SBI carries the distinction of being the sole refractory supplier for the world's largest induction furnace for steel melting (50 MT at BSRM Bangladesh). 

SBI has recently expanded operations in SOUTH INDIA (HYDERABAD), which gives us a unique geographical advantage. With this strategic location, we will be able to cater to industries in the Central and Southern Regions. This also gives us easy access to new export markets across the Bay of Bengal


Shri Balaji Tubes has been an industry leader in the manufacture and export of high-quality Lancing Pipes in India for over a decade. We have an installed capacity of 1,500,000 meters per month. Lancing Pipes are most ordinarily used for opening tap holes of bottom pouring ladles, electric arc furnaces and cutting jams. The manufacturing process involves extensive cold drawing that results in a product which has high tensile rigidity and strength.


Shri Balaji Metachem is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Insulation Powder in India. We manufacture acidic, neutral and basic insulation powders, both in granular and fine form. We can also customise the powders to meet each steel mill’s individual requirements.


The Balaji Group are approved suppliers of all OEMs in India like Electrotherm India Ltd, Concast India Ltd, Inductotherm India Ltd, and Megatherm India Ltd, amongst others.

In addition, we have partnered with Foseco India Ltd. (now VESUVIUS PLC) to manufacture Foundry Consumables.